Saturday, June 04, 2005

Berghoff's German Brats and Beer

If you like beer, and you're in Chicago, do not miss The Berghoff.

I was there twice for a pint of their award-winning lager and their bratwurst - delicately fluffy, slightly sweet, beer-infused sausages on rye. The sauerkraut masked the flavor of the sausages somewhat, but it was all good.

Their lager is hands down the best I've had to date. Clean, crisp, and a bit malty, it was so smooth, tasty, and easily drinkable that I was downing it like it was my last meal.

In fact, The Berghoff WAS my last meal at Chicago. I walked up to the bar at half past two, dragging my oversized Borg Cube suitcase, messenger bag slung over my shoulder, carrying my shopping bag with a newly purchased suit.

"I'll have a stein of lager and a bratwurst sandwich please."

Ah. So good.

Either the bartender recognized me from a few days
earlier, or he was just bored, but we began chatting a bit. He and his family of six have been in Chicago for ages. He's been working at The Berghoff for more than 25 years, a really nice guy.

I tried to take home a few bottles, but they were completely out. I didn't want to risk taking an entire mini-keg (5 liters) back to California without knowing whether they'd let me on the plane or not.

In the end, I returned home with nothing but great memories.

For all you travelers out there, the Berghoff is right across from a bus stop at Adams St & State. A block away is the Orange Line station at Wabash St, I think. It might be State. If you're coming in through Chicago-Midway airport, you really have no excuse to skip it.

Visit the Berghoff, goddammit.

Tony, this goes for you too. And you live there.

Update: Gaaah, I'm getting frustrated trying to find a place that sells Berghoff lager in bottles. Beverages and More doesn't carry it either. I'm getting desperate here.


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Girliepants said...

Try Sam's wine and Spirits. I know they carry Berghoff, and they definitely ship as well. They're not affiliated with Sam's Club... and I highly recommend their customer service. They got all of the wine and beer for our Chicago wedding last year.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger fried beef sandwich said...

Thanks for the tip! I"ll definitely check them out.


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