Thursday, April 27, 2006

End of April Links o' Plenty

Sure, tomorrow is the Microbiology Midterm, but that doesn't mean I can't slack off like a maniac and post a long-overdue update on my blog.

  • I'm going to Yoshi's this weekend to hang out with some old college friends. Top-caliber jazz and Japanese food... what could be better?
  • Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 has finally been released!!! No, it's not a videogame. Rather, a short film styled like an old beat 'em up. Can you find all the pop culture, videogame, and movie references? So far, I've foundStreet Fighter 2, The Big Lebowski, MegaMan, Devil May Cry, Predator, Lord of the Flies, Christopher Walken ... WARNING: Some unpleasant imagery, esp in the Zombie Mothers' Maternity Ward
  • I wish I was as creative and artistically talented as this guy: come see the creatures in Andrew Bell's head at his website, The Creatures In My Head. I am currently digging his Pac-Man wallpaper.


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Hey Dave, I thought you'd be interested in this blog:

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and another!


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