Sunday, May 20, 2007

Real Life Conversations #2

My friend J (not J from RLC #1) was in a serious car accident several years back. For years, he has been visiting dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons to rebuild his mouth and smile. Earlier this year, he got his braces off and got some implants to replace some of his missing anterior teeth. This is me and him, talking about it earlier today:

Me: one last question
J: sure
Me: how did the implants go?
J: they went well
Me: look good"?
J: i am certifiably sexy fine
Me: awesome
J: if the sexy if gone from some place let me know
J: cuz i bring the sexy back
J: wherever i go
J: hahah
J: i smile a lot more
J: much more confortably
J: self confidence is definitely up there
J: amazing what a nice smile will do
J: i love taking pictures
J: haha -- it's like i just got a boob job
J: except i'm a guy