Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chinabloggin' - Shanghai - 6-26-07

Arrival in Shanghai Pudong Airport at around 5:30 PM, local time. On the bus and out by 8PM local. Extremely tired. We have our first introduction to our tour guide, Emma, and a nighttime guided tour of Shanghai's freeways by night.

Shanghai, it seems, is organized in to 3 concentric rings. The poorest areas, populated by factory workers and other blue collar types are in outer shanghai. The innermost downtown section is also the richest and most exclusive. A river bisects Shanghai as well, further dividing it into the east side and West side.

Our first meal here is at the Yuan Guang Hotel, and as it is a late night refueling, we are served a smattering of local dim sum. I am struck by the calibre of the restaurants here, and that there is a waiter at our beck and call, waiting silently in a corner for whatever we may need. I forget to take pictures of the food, as I'm way too tired.

After a brief emergency turnaround (Mom left her bag in the restaurant), we arrive at our hotel and I get my first taste of China's 5-star accomodations. Small, yet comfortable modern beds, and sitdown toilets -- not what I was expecting, given everyone's hype and hoopla about going places and having to squat their way to excretory victory. I'm so tired, I'm asleep in minutes and sleep through Dad's snoring. I do shower, however, and shave. The air conditioning is exquisite after being in the muggy summer heat.