Sunday, August 21, 2005


I grew up watching classic James Bond movies with my dad, much to the disapproval of my mother (she wasn't a big fan of the sex and violence). Now, after having seen the Austin Powers movies, it's pretty amusing to see the original movies again, which are pretty much self-parodying to begin with.

Earlier today, You Only Live Twice was playing on AMC Classics. Maybe it was the Thai curry talking, but I know I'm not the only one who noticed that one of the ninjas rappelling down the volcano into Blofeld's lair had something like 7 gunshot wounds to the back, further proof that ninjas are invincible.

On another note, my first attempt at Thai curry went OK. Things I learned:
  1. Flap meat != flank steak
  2. With lower-quality cuts of meat, baking soda is your friend... works well as a tenderizer
  3. Shallots make a huge difference
  4. Coconut milk != coconut cream ... save the thick stuff for candies and cakes.
  5. It's hard to do metric to British conversions late at night with 5 hours of sleep
  6. Burning through 4 quarts of Thai Beef Curry is easier said than done.


At 10:28 PM, Blogger starchmouse said...

You Only Live Twice may be my favorite Bond movie of all time.

One thing I also learned recently about Thai curries is the importance of Keffir lime leaves. They just make the curry more...Thai-like.

Don't stress out too much with studying! Good luck this week...


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